Accountability Hants


With the growing demands on proprietors for compliance with legislation, meeting customers delivery schedules and quality of service, the accounting function can easily be left in the background. We offer a service whereby we act as your accounts department, processing the paperwork that is generated by yourself and maintaining the records of your business. The level of our involvement is entirely up to the individual concerned. We will literally fill in the blanks. If your only involvement is to raise the sales invoices and authorise the purchases then we will undertake credit control, supplier payments (cheques are returned to you for signature) and payroll services. We are also able to produce management accounts on a quarterly or monthly basis in a pre agreed format.

Should you wish independent production of the statutory accounts then a file would be produced and passed to your auditor/accountant for their scrutiny.

Fees for this service can be fixed, based on a percentage of sales or value of monies banked or time based. Which ever you choose it would all be agreed prior to commencement of work.


Why Outsource?

  • Benefit from a broad range of staff therefore getting the maximum out of the accounts department at a lower cost that operating it in house.
  • Free or reduce the office space needed to run your business.
  • Reduce operating costs as no requirement for software or equipment.
  • There is little disruption due to holiday or sickness
  • The costs can be linked to your business’ performance (Variable cost not fixed)
  • Gives you time to do what you are best at
  • Information available when you want it (Online subscription needed)