Accountability Hants

Book Keeping and Payroll Services

Day to day record keeping is the key to timely financial information, and ensuring that it is kept up to date can be difficult especially during holiday periods or maternity leave. We offer a service which will help you over that hurdle by staffing any shortfall caused by temporary increase in work or illness. We have experience in manual systems, sage line 50 and quickbooks. A free of charge preliminary meeting will ensure that the record keeping is maintained seamlessly.

With the ever changing legislation relating to payroll, it may be that our bureau service which uses the latest software will enable you to minimise your exposure to this. We are also able to file your documents on line, which will for 2005/6 give you £250 rebate from the government. With costs as low as £10 per month can you afford not to.

Management Accounts

With the financial year end accounts being prepared up to 9 months after the end of the period, it can be too late to rectify problems within the business. By preparing management accounts on a quarterly basis, trends and potential problems can be identified at an early stage and resolutions found. We can prepare accounts in a pre agreed format that gives you the information you want to manage the business. The format may well be different to that at the year end, with greater detail being provided on for example sales, or staff productivity.


Statutory Accounts

With every limited company and limited liability partnership comes the LEGAL requirement to file accounts at Companies House. Failure to do so leads to automatic penalties of up to £1000 for private limited companies and £5000 for plc’s. These accounts are however available to the public and your competitors. We can assist you fulfil these legal responsibilities, yet ensuring that only the minimum amount of information is available to your competitors. We would also prepare the accounts in greater detail for the shareholders of the business and HM Revenue and Customs. Corporation Tax Returns would also be prepared ensuring full compliance with the current legislation.

Self Assessment

For people running their own business whether it be a limited company or an unincorporated business, the annual completion of the tax return can be a daunting task. For a basic fee of £75 +VAT we will complete your tax return and submit this to H M Revenue and Customs advising you of your liability and dates by which it should be paid.

Annual Accounts

If you are operating as a sole trader or partnership then your accounts will need to be prepared as well. Fees for this service can be fixed or time based depending on your preference. We will also provide advice on improvements to your records should this be deemed necessary.